Freshers Week(s)


So it’s that time of year again. The summer is making a hasty retreat as the nights draw in and the weather takes a turn for the cold! But every year around this time there is a special buzz in the air. One that’s filled with youthful hopes, dreams and ambition (to get wasted and fornicate).

Like the great Wildebeest migrations across the African Savannah, the herds of fresh faced young students begins with just a trickle roaming the streets of Brighton in the weeks preceding freshers. But, when the time comes for term to begin, for welcome parties, course enrollment and induction, meeting your new flat mates and a million facebook invites to all the freshers events that are going on, then the trickle becomes a flood.

It’s an exciting time for the majority of these people who are about to experience 3 of the best years of their lives. Just try not to make the mistake of getting so pissed that you throw up on the girl/boy that you fancy and you’ll probably do alright!

And this is just Sussex, Brighton’s doesn’t even start for a couple more weeks!