XXY Saturdays


XXY has been around a while now and by sticking to a few basic principles it has become one of the busiest, most recognised Saturday nights in Brighton. By keeping drinks and entry prices as cheap as possible, staying open until around 6am and drawing a massively varied crowd of punters each and every week it’s easy to see why this night is so popular.

The music policy is Hip Hop, Classic R&B and UK Garage although don’t be surprised to hear a few pop/chart numbers creeping in to the mix on the night. This broad range of accessible music is another reason why it’s appeal is so great to such a wide variety of party goers.

“The idea is simple: bring boys & girls together in a club and satisfy all their clubbing needs without complicating it too much. Welcome to XXY”. This  basically sums it up. We all know that half the reason most people get dressed up, drink more than they probably should and hit the dancefloor like bambi on ice is to attract a member of the opposite sex and if that’s what you’re after then you’re in with a fairly good chance at XXY. Alternatively, if you just want to have a good time with your friends without too much hassle, then you do just that. It’s up to you!

Entry is £3 on guestlist (names on the facebook wall) or with an NUS card before 12am every week. You can find the weekly events and stay up to date with all things XXY HERE.

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