Well Rounded Fridays In A Nutshell…


Having been running for nearly 9 weeks now, it’s safe to say that Well Rounded Fridays is in full swing and if you’ve already attended any or all of them so far you’ll no doubt get what it’s all about. But if you haven’t then here’s a little summary for you…

Well Rounded Fridays is run by Donga and the rest of the people behind Well Rounded Records, a Brighton based House label with several offshoots for releasing various other genres/styles, proudly supporting and releasing vinyl where many others have chosen to go mainly, if not exclusively, digital.

As you’d expect, this ethos is brought with them to their club night with the cdj’s often left to one side while the turntables take centre stage. This approach is also used in the promotion of the night where the music is the most important aspect. You won’t see any DJ’s names plastered across the flyer or constantly plugged all over facebook and twitter. Although each week there is a secret special guest including appearances from Deadboy and xxxy in previous weeks, you won’t know who it’s going to be until you arrive at the night and they start playing (and even then you might not know unless you recognize their face or ask someone in the know). In the words of Donga, “It ain’t whose playin’, it’s what the music’s sayin'”.

While the focus here is definitely on good quality dance music with a hefty nod towards the underground, that doesn’t mean you have to be a serious House/Techno aficionado to attend and enjoy yourself. Every Friday starts with Donga playing a free 2 hour terrace party from 10pm with a selection of deep & soulful House, UK Garage and some Disco jams. So unless you’re a Radio 1 listening, chart following, non-music enjoying sheep person (no offense sheep), then there’ll probably be something in there for you.  Have a look at the video below to get an idea of what you’re in for…

At midnight the main club opens upstairs and the Well Rounded crew along with their special guest of the week take over the controls whilst the terrace/downstairs is left in the capable hands of whichever guests are invited on that particular week. The music policy can be anything including but not limited to the following: Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Reggae, Ska, Afrobeat, Tropical and anything else you can shake a stick at.

In conclusion, Well Rounded Fridays is a night of musical versatility that should be able to please the musical connoisseur as well as your average Joe that wanders in off the seafront not sure where they’re going or why but would like to have a good time nonetheless. Just bring a good attitude and a smile and you’ll be welcomed. With a bit of luck we’ll get at least a few more weeks of summer so if you haven’t been yet then give it a go before it’s all over.

FREE entry every week from 10pm-midnight / £3 all night after. Check out the facebook event HERE

If you’d like to hear more from Donga then here’s a recent mix from him for the Spectrm podcast:

SPECTRM018 – Donga by Spectrmpodcast on Mixcloud