XXY This Saturday!

xxy cover

After taking a night off last Saturday to make room for Pride, we’re all fully looking forward to welcoming back XXY this week!

Expect all the usual antics from Brighton’s premier Saturday night party.  The idea is simple: bring boys & girls together in a club and satisfy all their clubbing needs without complicating it too much. Welcome to XXY. All this to the soundtrack of classic R&B, Hip Hop and UK Garage (with a few other bits thrown in).

As usual it’s £3 entry on guestlist or NUS before 12 and this week you’ll get a free shot too! It could be Raki, it could be Vodka, it could be Sambuca, it could be the watered down VK orange mixed with juice that nobody wants… It’s SHOT ROULETTE!

So make sure your names are on the event wall HERE.