Monthly Archive: June, 2012


The last one this week in our build up to the AAR! weekender, and we’ve finished on an absolute STOMPER. Check this dance floor march, Auflen Whipe from Karenn, made up of two extremely talented… Continue reading


So it’s Wednesday, and as the week goes on, we get steadily closer to the AKA AKA ROAR! Summer Special. Today we’re gonna post up two videos of some more of the headliners, just because we feel like treating you and sharing in some top quality musical energy.

First up, we have here an absolutely classic from Pangea. Released a few years ago now in 2009, “Memories” has stood the test of time and still retains a strong sense of freshness and originality, bubbling through its six minutes of play in beautiful dips and dives. As we always say (and probably don’t need to anymore), turn it up and enjoy.


Continuing on our track posting of artists at this weekends AAR! Weeknder, today we have Jacques Greene! Check out this clip of ‘Ready’ forthcoming on Martyn’s (who came down an played an incredible set at their 2nd birthday bash) 3024 imprint in a few weeks time. A brilliant ‘neon berghain’ feel to this one, with a steady shuffle guaranteed to keep your feet moving!


After smashing it at Echo Festival in Croatia, Dagger are bringing the tropical vibes from one beach to another! If you haven’t heard of the Dagger Soundsystem crew yet, you are one of… Continue reading

Monday Afternoon Vibes with Koreless

Here at LIFE we’re getting pretty darn excited for the Aka Aka Roar Summer Special coming up on Friday and Saturday nights- so, to get in the mood we’ll be uploading tracks this week from some of the artists playing, and first up it’s KORELESS!

Perfect. Just turn this up and bliss out.