This is a bit last minute, however… We at LIFE are teaming up once again with the AKA AKA ROAR! boys to bring you a massive night in celebration of all the great nights we’ve put on together in the past! So without further ado, our headliners tonight are JACQUES GREENE and KORELESS, with big support from the Aka DJ’s…

From LIFE‘s massive New Year’s Eve and Birthday celebrations to AKA’s huge parties with James Blake, Joy Orbison, Claude Von Stroke, Person Sound, Mosca and Jam City (to name but a few), it has certainly been a year that has cemented both group’s reputations as the “go to places” for Brighton’s most diverse and interesting club nights. And the future just holds more – with Bok Bok and Oneman set to appear at the forthcoming Aka night in a few weeks, plus internationally big names in the pipeline (watch this space!) – we’ll be starting tonight by bringing together two of the hottest DJs/Producers right now!

Jacques Greene has fast become a very highly respected and rated producer, thanks to a generous handful of impeccable tunes. Full of beautifully sampled vocals, rounded basslines and harmonies, with plenty of 2-Step Garage and House inspired rhythms, Greene creates a sound that is entirely his own. Check out “Another Girl”, above, a track released this year on LuckyMe – it’s a warm, sweeping example of modern House that is designed to cast spells over clubs and clubbers alike, fully saturated with hesitant drum patterns and gorgeous overlapping vocal samples from Ciara…

Producing tracks in a similar vein is Koreless, and yet despite the recent popularity that seems to frequently boarder on obsession of a particular style of music (Bass + Beats + Vocals = what a surprise), Koreless retains a very distinct sound that stands out from the rest. We’re gonna post two tracks of his below – firstly “Lost In Tokyo”, which you literally get lost in and is absolutely magic, and secondly the darker, more sinisterly deep sounds of “So Late”.

Support comes from Aka Residents LORCA and STICKIE DAVIS.
And as a little treat, if you ‘Like’ the AkaAkaRoar! Fan Page and put your full names on the page wall, we’ll give you £4 Guestlist Entry!!

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