Coming up on FRIDAY 9TH SEPTEMBER, hold onto your hats because one hell of a massive Drum & Bass showcase from COMMERCIAL SUICIDE sets to shake up LIFE and get you raving until the early hours. Headlining will be label owner KLUTE, with NYMFO, VOYTEK, RUTHLESS TACTICS and over 10 more DJ’s on support – this is serious…

To be honest, we can describe COMMERCIAL SUICIDE no better than they. As stated on their website, “Commercial Suicide is the world famous Drum and Bass label owned by Tom Withers, aka Klute. It is a really good label. It has served as a mentor to many mostly by showing others exactly how not to do things. Started in 2001 after Klute found absolutely no other label remotely interested in releasing his own music. Klute has conned many stupid people into releasing music on the label. Many have gone on to be really famous, such as; Fleetwood Mac, Amit, the Kooks, SKC, Hive, Calibre, John Tejada, U2, The Upbeats, Concord Dawn, Total Science, The Who, Klute, Break, Silent Witness, Mindscape, Nymfo, James Cake, Digital, The Spirit, The Communards, Ill Skillz, S.P.Y , Baron, Chris SU, Baron Knights, the list is endless.

So, we’re in good hands. Commercial Suicide has no sound and no direction. It serves no claim to “dominate”, “take over” or run ‘tings. It is here with the sole intention of releasing good music and if you dont like it, you know where to go – but let’s be honest, if you don’t like it, you won’t be reading this! Check out the sounds of our headliner KLUTE below – his track “Trust Me” is an imploring 6 minutes that reels you in and brings the hype… Wicked tempo, naughty bassline, blissful melody. What more could you ask for?!

Joining Klute will be NYMFO, also signed to Commercial Suicide and an absolute boss at the art of DJing, having been doing it for over 12 years now. He started producing 4 years ago, adding kudos to his name and earning a lot of love from fans of D&B. He is very hot property – arguably one of the best DJs and Producers on the scene of today. Check out the Breakcore, Bass inspired sounds of “Matchstick”, below, sounding exactly like it’s name: brittle, compact, and about to ignite. This shit will cause a fire on the dancefloor…

Entry to this magnificent event will be £4 before 12, more thereafter, and ID will be recquired.

For more information and a FULL listing of the entire lineup (16 DJ’s in total!) head over to the Facebook Event Page HERE.