One of the best things about being in this business is the music, obviously. Seeing well-loved and respected DJ’s play at the club, in quite an intimate space, shaking the building down to the bare foundations and giving you that dancefloor rush, feeling the music… You know the one.

However, before we’re in danger of getting too hippy on you all,  let’s get to the point – here are some of our FAVORITE artists on the scene right now, getting us hyped, happy and pretty damn excited about the way music is evolving and pushing boundaries… Future facing new sounds. That’s what we like. It’s been a wicked summer for music, and keep your eyes peeled for possible future appearances from these names at LIFE – you never know what the Autumn and Winter may bring!


AraabMUZIK uses an MPC drum machine to compose live beats and instrumentals, and his skills on this thing are incredible… He uses it as an instrument to produce rapid, rhythmic drum patterns, as well as cutting and chopping up samples (often taken from euphoric Trance records) to create infectious, emotional melodies. It could be cheesy and that, but the layers and separate elements in his productions go deep, building on each other and weaving together like a badass web of sound, which always ultimately creates a powerful track that hits you hard in the face. His music gets you going. Makes you want to lift weights and see the world. This is real Hip Hop!


We couldn’t find many tracks by US producer Cedaa on YouTube or Soundcloud to put up here, but he’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. His latest EP “Jasmin” hits all the right areas, combining styles from the US and the UK to create a very pleasing hybrid that really, really works. Melodic synths, patterns and basslines taking influence from Juke, a selection of sound samples that literally seem to come from the world over… Cedaa’s style is hot, tropical, deep and basically, lovely. Download or stream the album HERE to see what we mean.


Right, you will definitely have heard the track above. It speaks for itself. Altered Natives (Danny Yorke being the force behind the name) is by no means new on the scene, but Danny continues to take Altered Natives to new places, and with the release of his latest LP “Tenement Yard Vol.2” due in September, we’re really looking forward to hearing what he’s been up to. We’d recommend an education of his vast back catalog, full of musical gems that otherwise tend to go unnoticed; this shit is heavy! Keep your diary free for his appearance at LIFE on the 23rd September, coinciding nicely with his LP release and playing alongside our next favorite for this month…


Another classic track, and sounding as good and fresh now as it always has. Shifting phases of sound aplenty and a “Dubstep-not-Dubstep” kind of approach to production gives Mosca a definite edge, a style that lasts the passage of time… His first (and probably only) original release of 2011 is out in September, the “Done Me Wrong / Bax” single, two massive tunes that are sure to set the club on fire and find a secure place in many DJ’s record collection… We cannot wait to see him grace the decks at LIFE.


Lastly, we’re just gonna throw in a guy we’ve recently discovered, Enzo Siragusa. After hearing his track “Sagamore” in DJ Flava’s set on Rinse FM a while back and not knowing what it was, but knowing it was – without a doubt – one of the heaviest, deepest tracks of the year, we eventually discovered the ID and well… We are fully on board. Part of London’s vibrant House scene, Siragusa runs an event named Fuse which runs every Sunday in Brick Lane – if you’re in the area, check it out! In the meantime, check out this track, and wait for the bass to creep in… Just… Wait for it. Mind-numbing.