The perpetual march of time brings with it many things, obviously, and amongst those things is a brand spanking, sparkling and glorious new monthly residency for AKA AKA ROAR at LIFE, starting on the 26TH AUGUST. This time, the night will be headlined by a true legend and pioneer of the British scene, PEVERELIST, flanked by two of our tips for the coming year, ARKIST and OBJEKT.

PEVERELIST, a.k.a“the unflappable Bristol-based Tom Ford, isn’t just one of the most innovative and singular-sounding producers to emerge from the UK underground in recent years, he’s also one of the busiest – not only finding time to turn out consistently future-rushing tracks but also running a label (Punch Drunk), managing a record store (Rooted Records) and DJing around the world.” FACT Magazine.
Wise words indeed, and very true. Peverelist is one of our favourite DJs/producers down at Life, so we’re pretty damn hyped to see him grace the decks! Check out the rolling sounds of “Infinity Is Now”, below, released a while back now in 2008, but still sounding very relevant and important. Quality sounds do not age…

Alongside him will be OBJEKT. As self-described on his blog, his style is “a series of whitelabel 12″ releases to make subs rattle and feet wiggle; a convoluted mess of dubstep, 3-step, garage, techno, bass-core, post minimal wankstep, shithouse, acid wonk, no more, no less.” Jokes aside, expect an amalgamation of sounds and styles, connected with a similar sense of futuristic and Bass-driven elements. Notes on the mesmerizing jumpy bass and slow, echoing claps of “Tinderbox”, below – it blew us and our speakers away on first listen – this goes hard…

ARKIST shares this same sense of forward-thinking direction. Like Peverelist, he’s based in Bristol and has emerged from the city’s vibrant, passionate music scene. Arkist has picked up a love for meticulously produced tracks, polishing his sounds and giving them a real sense of smoothness. “Trapped In Tivoli”, below, is a dark and dirty 3 minutes that puts the bar high for all, flowing with ease and taking evident influences from the Bristol Bass scene, as well as from the melodic and more angry sounding elements of Grime and 2-Step Garage rhythms. A real gem.

Completing the bill will be members of the AKA FAM, Brighton’s own LORCA and ELFIVEDEE.
All of this for just £5 entry on the door, all night long!

For more info and to R.S.V.P, just shimmy over to the Facebook Event Page HERE. Nice one.