To celebrate A-Level results day on THURSDAY 18TH AUGUST, we bring you a night of HOUSE PARTY madness, Frat party style!

For many of you, the end of A-Levels means the end of an era; it’s only fitting that you draw a line under it before starting a new chapter and continuing the beautiful journey of life into a scary and boring world of adult responsibilities, rent, council tax and endless washing up. There’s a lot to look forward to kids.

So, whether you’re going onto University, travel, full-time work, a pilgrimage to find yourself or, er, simply dossing around doing not an awful lot to be honest (we’ve all been there… some of us still are), let HOUSE PARTY sign off your school-days and celebrate, or commiserate, those much anticipated A-Levels results. However you do, it’s a brilliant excuse to party hard with your best mates and make the night a good one!

Expect dirty antics, DJ’s playing massive party tunes across two floors of the club, cheap as hell drinks deals and very affordable entry.

For more details and to get your name on the wall for Guestlist Entry, head over to the Facebook Event Page HERE.

F*ck knows what will happen!