Wow, quite a last minute post on this – but TONIGHT at LIFE we’ve got a humungous installment of Drum & Bass from two of the biggest labels on the scene, AUTOPSY and CARBON.
They’ll battle out the night with a string of back2backs from some of the best DnB DJ’s around, with two headline slots coming from the legendary INK and PROLIX.

Fresh from releasing his solo LP on DnB label Renegade Hardware, DJ INK has earned a lot of respect in the world of DnB. With his music career spanning over 20 years, Ink is a name that has become synonymous not only with Renegade Hardware, but DnB as a whole. He has established himself as one of the driving forces at the very forefront of the label, and also works behind the scenes, developing album concepts and suchlike.
As well as this, his DJ career has really taken off on a global scale, headlining Renegade Hardware club events the world over. We are very excited to see him in action tonight; a real legend and master of his craft. Have a listen of “Need You”, below – quite an old track but still sounding as fresh and hard-hitting as ever, with satisfyingly sampled vocals and a truly sick drop… It just makes you want to lose it:

Next up, we have Trendkill’s PROLIX. With music signed to Playaz, Metalheadz, Ganja Tek, Renegade Hardware, Virus, Bad Taste, Project 51 and C4CLTD, Prolix continues to push boundaries across the DnB scene with his unique style and flair. Often ferocious and fierce, fast and heavy, his productions take things to the next level, and his DJing follows the same path. Expect big vibes and get ready to sweat…

Supporting, we have top residents from Autopsy, Carbon, Shogun, Hospitality and Simply Vinyl – so expect a sound selection that represents all angles of the DnB spectrum. MC REMIDY and MC DEGS host the night, spitting the mic and keeping the flow.

As well as all this, we’ll have Room 2 in action, slowing down the tempo with the best 140 bpm sounds that Brighton has to offer!

ENTRY: £5 all night
DOORS: 10pm – 5am
For full lineup information and more details, please check the Facebook Event Page HERE.