FRIDAY 8TH JULY sees the SOUL JAZZ RECORDS crew putting on a hell of a show here at LIFE, presenting… 100% DYNAMITE!

With the SOUL JAZZ SOUNDSYSTEM installed, the walls will be shaking with DJ’s playing a massive selection of Reggae, Dancehall, Jungle, Dubstep, Soul and Funk. It’s gonna be 100% global club notes – the Sounds of the Universe distilled into one night!

The London-based Soul Jazz Records have become a legendary label over the years. Founded in 1992 on a love for all non-mainstream music, they have been supporting and pushing the finest in a diverse range of sounds since then, and are still going strong, promising many more years of Reggae, Punk, Latin, Techno, Disco, African, House, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Funk, Electro – and more – to come!

Check out this exclusive mix by DJ Haus for Sounds Of The Universe, available on Soul Jazz Records’ Soundcloud:

As well as the main label, Soul Jazz also operates as a record store, sound system, publisher and radio broadcaster. Check out their store, Sounds Of The Universe, in London’s Soho, for some rare finds and a huge variety of music you won’t find anywhere else…

So, back to LIFE

ENTRY is £3 before midnight.

DOORS open 11pm – 5am.

And check out the Facebook Event Page HERE