At LIFE, we’re very proud and positive about what we do and what we’re about… Presenting all sorts of clubnights and all sorts of musical genres – from Breakbeat Garage to Indie, House to Drum & Bass – we hope to give you plenty of variety, but without ever compromising on quality.

It is up to us to provide you with the best clubbing experiences that we possibly can – and with summer on the way, a more relaxing time can be had on our beachside terrace, which is now open for all your lazy, beer-afternoon-in-the-sun needs. But the music, the bars, the beach, the atmosphere, and the big bad rhythms would be nothing without you – you come down and keep it moving night and day, you make things work, spend your hard earned dolla and ultimately, without ya, we’d be going nowhere. Feel the love!

So, get involved! We’re alive and kicking on FACEBOOK (much like the rest of the world) with an active account that’ll keep you updated on all the latest news going on at LIFE.

For detailed ticket and event information, announcements of upcoming events, artist mixes and the chance to network with fellow LIFE-lovers, simply become a fan of our Facebook page. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Love life? Love LIFE!