Vice Social Summer sessions!

They only went and got a hot tub!

After 8 months of amazing parties the summer has finally arrived and it’s time to turn it up a notch.
Hot, long summers in Brighton are all about the beach, and it just so happens that LIFE Club has the only large capacity Beach Front Terrace, serviced by a fully stocked bar, sheesha pipes and licensed to play host to live DJs long in to the night and early hours of the morning! Vice Social are all about alfresco partying, after all it’s not about being stuck in a sweaty dark club when you could be getting down outside with the sky above you.

Unique to any other student night, Vice Social never fail to disappoint with ever changing themes, one-off parties, shot give-aways, and free ice pops, however the latest addition of a 40 degree hot tub on the terrace has established The Vice Social as an unmissable, and certainly inimitable part of your mid-week social calender!

The VICE SOCIAL is not like any other student event. Imagine the quality of a weekend night, but for the price of a student night and you’re getting the idea. Run by students, for students we are passionate about what makes a good party. So prices are cheap, music is banging, bringing you the hottest new tracks every week add into the mix the premier seafront venue and you can see it makes sense!

Check out the Facebook group to keep up to date with forthcoming parties, guestlist and more information…