EL-B is without doubt a pioneer of modern Dubstep… he originally made his name as part of the legendary GROOVE CHRONICLES outfit and was the first artist to bring a dark edge to UK Garage with tracks like ‘Stone Cold’ and ‘1999’ . Through his own Ghost Records imprint, he helped sculpt and define dubstep from its dark garage outings in the early 90’s, and famously inspired the prodigious talent of BURIAL (SKREAM also later described him as one of his main influences) . EL-Bs signature style of hypnotic rhythms, deep bass and R&B/Grime vocals has set his music apart as a must-listen for anyone hoping to understand where dubstep came from (or to hear some bloody awesome tunes!). With Tempa re-issuing some of his old classics and a prominent feature on the ‘Roots of Dubstep’ release, EL is now working on a new EP to be released shortly. Check him out here.

Catch him @ AKA AKA ROAR on Monday 12th April… with support from none other than DEADBOY! Check out the event here.