The Vice Social…

Tuesdays @ LIFE:

The VICE SOCIAL is not like any other student event. Imagine the quality of a weekend night, but for the price of a student night and you’re getting the idea. Run by students, for students, Vice Social are passionate about what makes a good party. So prices are cheap, music is banging, bringing you the hottest new tracks every week add into the mix the premier seafront venue and you can see it makes sense!

With the added attraction of Sheesha Pipes available directly on to the seafront under our large umbrella canopy whatever the weather, plus special Vice Social drink deals, including £10 Bottles of Champagne, £10 Five Beer Buckets, £2 GLASS A (our in house secret shot, guaranteed to be the most potent little badboy you’re likely to find on the seafront!) Check out Vice Social on Facebook.